CredoID Access Control Software

CredoID is a comprehensive, Web based access control and security software. Built on years of experience, both our own and our hardware partners. By leveraging open platform hardware, REST API for integrations and extensive tools for automation, CredoID give integrators the ability to win complex projects with confidence. 

End users appreciate CredoID for its friendly WebUI, convenient data search and powerful reporting engine.



A powerful package

The real power of any system comes from saving time, especially on simple, repetitive tasks. We designed our software with powerful tools for process automation.

Trigger-based IFTTT rules to automate notifications, arm/disarm intrusion alarm system, turn outputs based on events and input states or manage door operation modes.

Scripting engine delivers even more power at your fingertips. The C# based engine allows to build custom logic and functionality, such as: multi-door interlocks, user group counting with allow/deny lists, extended user monitoring tools or even meal counters at the canteen.

Industry-leading technologies

CredoID is built for the open hardware of world leading manufacturers:

AERO, VERTX EVO and EDGE EVO controllers from HID Global

HID R10 and Signo readers with Origo MobileID support

EP and LP series controllers from Mercury security

Stid Architect series readers with support for QR Codes, Scrambled PINs and Stid Mobile ID

Aperio wireless locks from AssaAbloy

Grade 3 intrusion alarms from ASB Security

HID iClass compatible Mobile reader-controller devices from Coppernic